About us

Our mission

To make overseas purchases accessible, simple, and charge-free for everyone, through the use of our unique technology

Travel to the sea with your Currensea card and save on charges and exchange rates
Travel to the sea with your Currensea card and save on charges and exchange rates

Our story

The inspiration behind Currensea came in 2017 when two ex-investment bankers sat down after coming back from family summer holidays, both having been burned by charges on spending abroad. James, with a long background in forex and building electronic trading platforms, and Craig, a former CTO of Investment Banking at JPMorgan and the chief engineer of Open Banking across the UK’s largest retail bank, felt there had to be a better way. What if they could develop a card that connected straight to an existing bank account but eliminated the banks' charges whilst bypassing the need to open up and manage challenger bank accounts or pre-paid cards?

And so the concept of Currensea was born…

Just because something hasn’t been done before, doesn't mean it can’t be done now.

Currensea has now been used in over 120 countries and has attracted some big names to its investor / advisory board including the former UK CEO of Amazon, the former CIO of Worldpay, and the co-founders of Booking.com.

Currensea is the world’s first Card-Based Payment Instrument Issuer (CBPII) offering - a watershed PSD2 regulation launched in Sept 2019. Working closely with MasterCard, the FCA and Open Banking, the team was the first in the world to develop the technology to allow banks to be connected to the Card networks using Open Banking, thereby unlocking the full potential of Currensea.

Currensea. The smartest way to pay overseas.