Spend in any currency and save up to 80% on transaction charges vs high street banks

Free plan


Exchange rate:

0.95% above wholesale

Average savings vs high
street bank:


Premium plan

(coming soon)

Exchange rate:

0.35% above wholesale

Average savings vs high
street bank:


Each plan includes

Zero non-sterling transaction fee
Zero foreign currency purchase fee
Zero foreign cash fee
Zero ATM withdrawal charges
note: some ATMs may charge you, but we never do
Zero weekend charges
No monthly spend limits
ATM limits: per month, per day
Average savings are based on €110 spent on purchases and €110 withdrawn from an ATM. We compared our charges with average charges from standard accounts at 5 major high street banks (Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and TSB). For our free plan, the savings are equal to .

Our exchange rates

Our wholesale rates are based on interbank for the currencies shown and Mastercard rates for all other currencies.
We’ll be moving new currencies to interbank in the coming months. Let us know which currencies you’d like to see first by emailing us at help@currensea.com.