Great exchange rates and no charges when you travel with your Currensea card

You stay with your bank

Currensea connects to your main bank account. That means no more prepaid cards or opening up new bank accounts for your travels. No more top-ups, no more managing separate balances, no more hassle.

Your money is secure

Your money stays safely in your bank account. Currensea is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered to use Open Banking technology to connect with your bank.

What is Open Banking?

You are in control

Currensea connects to your account just like your bank's debit card. The payments are taken via Direct Debit, and only when you authorise a transaction. Using Open Banking, Currensea securely connects to your bank without ever seeing your internet banking credentials. You can freeze your card at any time. You're completely in control.

You save over 85%

Our rates are based on the wholesale prices. We don’t charge extras such as non-sterling fees and we don’t add extra charges at weekends. Currensea saves over 85% on charges vs your bank.

How to get your Currensea card

Sign up

Our verification takes less than a minute, and in most cases, we won't ask for your ID.

Link your bank

You'll need your online banking login credentials or you bank’s mobile app to confirm the connection.

Currensea will never access or store your bank login details

Activate your card

The card will arrive in 3-5 working days.
You'll need to log in to and enter your card CVV.

It takes just a couple of minutes to request your card