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Brits can now collect air miles without a credit card

Travel Debit Card Currensea partners with Singapore Airlines in first-of-its-kind offering

Currensea travel debit cardholders can now collect KrisFlyer miles whenever they spend abroad thanks to a new partnership with Singapore Airlines. The first non-credit card in the UK to offer such a benefit, Currensea gives customers the ability to earn 2 KrisFlyer miles for every £1 (or equivalent) they spend abroad**. This means Brits collect more KrisFlyer miles for their buck than when using a credit card!***

Currensea is the first-of-its-kind Direct Debit Travel Card that allows consumers to spend directly from their high-street bank account without the charges, saving British travellers money against all the major high-street banks, supermarkets, travel money cards and prepaid travel card providers. In fact, it saves consumers at least 85% by cutting out the normal high-street bank fees and charges for every transaction when spending abroad.

Many British travellers are planning Summer holidays to nearby green list locations over the following months, as well as amber list countries for those who are double-vaccinated. Currensea’s travel debit cards new offering means that every £1 spent on European trips would help travellers make a decent saving when flying further afield once restrictions are lifted.

You only need 980 KrisFlyer miles (that's a spend of £490 with Currensea) to start making a saving on your next big trip with Singapore airlines. 

Singapore Airlines flies directly to Singapore from London Heathrow and Manchester. With just one connection, British travellers can also travel to bucket list destinations such as Bangkok, Auckland, Bali, Sydney or Manila****. Work out how far your travel spending could get you with the Singapore Airlines’ Miles calculator. KrisFlyer miles can also be spent on spa and dining vouchers, free room nights and upgrades at any participating hotel or resort, immersive experiences with travel partners and much more - click here to check out all the available options.

To collect KrisFlyer miles through Currensea, customers simply select what percentage of the high-street banks fees they are saving that they’d like to convert into KrisFlyer miles. The fees saved can also be used to save the planet by recovering ocean bound plastic, planting trees, or it can stay put in their bank account. Currensea saves customers at least 85% of the fees and charges normally applied by their bank.

Currensea’s travel debit card savings are some of the best in the market, enabling customers to save around £100 on future travel versus if they spent with their high street bank, supermarket, travel money card or prepaid travel card

James Lynn, co-founder of Currensea, said: “We’re over the moon to see so many customers back travelling in green list countries and making great savings with their Currensea cards. With many of us dreaming of a big holiday a bit further afield, we’re delighted to offer British travellers this first-of-its-kind feature, where they can start saving for a trip of a lifetime to somewhere on the other side of the world, without worrying about the fees associated with the credit cards who normally offer loyalty rewards points as a perk. A big thank you to our new partner Singapore Airlines for working with us to create such an exciting benefit for British travellers!”

FCA-authorised Currensea connects directly with all major high-street banks, meaning consumers can spend abroad without the hassle of inconvenient top-ups and different accounts. Supporting all 180 currencies, it also means customers can spend abroad without excess charges, expensive rates or hidden costs, or worrying if there are enough funds on their prepaid card. All payments are also covered by MasterCard’s chargeback protection. Find out more about Currensea here: https://www.currensea.com.


*Available on valid transactions, excluding ecommerce micro-transactions and non permitted purchases. A full list can be found in our terms and conditions - https://www.currensea.com/legal/personal/terms-and-conditions

** Calculated on an average basis. Earn rate may differ depending on bank charges and percentage of savings allocated.

*** The best rate given by leading credit cards in the UK on all purchases (excluding spending with partner airlines or on FX) is 0.66miles per £1 spent .

**** Travel restrictions currently apply. Passengers should follow government guidance.