Automatically contribute a percentage of your savings to an environmental organisation every time you spend with your Currensea travel debit card.

The Currensea travel debit card, the the travel card that gives back
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The Currensea travel debit card, the the travel card that gives back

Here at Currensea, we provide a simple and easy way for you to give back to an environmental organisation, allowing you to offset some of the environmental impact associated with your travels.

Whether you want to plant trees with help remove ocean bound plastic with, we make giving back as easy as possible.

Every 12p saved plants one tree using a Currensea travel debit card
£1 saved removes 100 ocean bound plastic bottles using a Currensea travel debit card

How does it work?

You can choose to contribute a percentage of the savings you make using Currensea to either or both of our Currensea supported causes.
Spend with Currensea's travel debit card and we will automatically donate to your chosen organisation every time you use your travel debit card.
View how much you’ve contributed within the Currensea App and change your contribution % at any time.

For example, if you choose to contribute one-third of your savings and you spend $120 on a family lunch in New York, we’ll automatically plant 8 trees for you. Or contribute one third of your savings and spend $125 on theme park tickets in Orlando you’d automatically remove 100 ocean bound plastic bottles.

Our environmental commitment

Working together to do more
Our commitment to you

To us sustainability is part of running a responsible business and we are working to ensure that we operate in an ethical, transparent and responsible way. Whether that be by making small changes in the office, our supply chain, or by working with charitable organisations - you know that you’re working with a company that cares.

We are a carbon neutral business - Currensea

We are carbon neutral

We’ve been awarded our 2023/2024 certificate by Carbon Neutral Britain, officially confirming we're doing our part in offsetting more than we produce through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden work with charities and organisations globally, to offset our carbon footprint by planting trees, supporting local communities in reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, and creating more renewable energy sources.

Increasing our travel debit cards lifespan

Increasing our cards lifespan

By extending the lifespan of our travel debit cards from 3 to 5 years we are reducing our plastic waste and our carbon requirements in producing and delivering our travel cards, resulting in an overall reduction of our footprint.

Currensea removes more than we produce

Removing more than we produce

We know our travel debit cards contain plastic, and are working on different solutions to reduce this. In the meantime, we're focussed on reducing the impact of our travel cards, and have committed to removing 2.5 times the plastic we produce every year. We do this by supporting Plastic Bank who recover and recycle ocean bound plastic.

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