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Save up to 90% on charges vs high street banks
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Great exchange rates and no charges when you travel with your Currensea card

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Peace of mind when you spend abroad

The convenience of your bank account

Currensea is a new type of debit card that connects to your UK high street bank account and gives you great rates when spending abroad. With Currensea, you don’t have to transfer money into another account or top-up a prepaid card. You don't have to rush to get cash before your trip and then carry all that cash around. You don't have to tell your bank that you are going abroad. Request your card in less than 2 minutes and go.

Bank-grade security

Currensea is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and uses the latest bank security and encryption technology, so it’s as secure as your bank. We don’t ever hold your money, because Currensea isn’t a bank account. Your money stays securely in your existing bank account. Currensea works just like a bank debit card: your account is debited once you've authorised a transaction.

Great exchange rates and no charges

We offer great exchange rates for all currencies and save you up to 80% vs your high street bank. This is because our rates are based on either Mastercard or interbank rates, which banks use to buy currency from each other. We don’t have any hidden fees.

Currensea doesn't charge for transactions abroad, which means no charges for non-sterling transactions. We also don't apply extra ATM withdrawal charges, so you don't have to withdraw cash in bulk to minimise costs. Some ATM providers abroad may charge you, but we never do.

£217 saved


£234 saved


£145 saved


£346 saved


£86 saved


£386 saved


£89 saved


Getting your Currensea card
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Our verification takes less than a minute and, in most cases, we won’t ask for your ID. It means no trips to a branch, no queues, no paperwork, no selfies or photos of your ID. First, we’ll need to confirm your email. Then we’ll ask for a few more details, such as your mobile and home address where we post your card to.

Connecting to your bank

Currensea needs to connect to your bank before the card can be issued. We’ll ask you to select your bank and redirect you to your online banking where you can approve the connection. Once that’s done, your Currensea card will arrive in 3-5 working days.

Our verification takes less than a minute: no trips to a branch, no queues, no paperwork and no selfies.

Activate your card

Once your card has arrived, you’ll need to log in to to activate it. The activation process takes just a few seconds. We’ll verify that it's you and ask for your card details. Now your Currensea card is ready for travel. Don't forget to take it on your next trip abroad!

It takes less than 2 minutes to order a Currensea card!

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