Money transfer
without bank fees

Currensea’s money transfer removes the bank's FX fees when transferring to either EUR or USD bank accounts.

Money Transfer without bank fees
Money Transfer without bank fees

Our bank partners

We partner with all the major UK high-street banks
We partner with all the major UK high-street banks
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The same great rates you expect from Currensea

Currensea is the layer in front of your existing bank account, reducing the fees you would normally incur when sending money abroad and making your account work that bit harder for you. With the same market leading FX rate as your Currensea card and a small flat fee of 0.5% you can send between £100 and £10,000 per transfer from your UK bank to either a EUR or USD account.

Why is it called BETA?

We’ve called it a BETA as it is in its early stages of roll out and only available on desktop. We are taking this opportunity to gather feedback so we can make further developments before it’s full release.

Why is it called BETA?

How Currensea’s money transfer works?

Login to your Currensea account
Head over to your Currensea desktop dashboard and click on ‘More’ then select ‘Money transfer’.
How much do you want to send?
Tell us how much in GBP you want to send in either EUR or USD and we will tell you exactly how much the recipient will receive and how much it will cost you.
Choose which account to transfer funds from
Funds will be sent from the bank account you have linked to Currensea, if you have linked more than one account you can choose which to send funds from.
Let us know who you want to send money to
Add a new EUR or USD recipient by following the steps or choose someone from your existing recipient list.
We send the funds
Funds received before 9pm on weekdays will arrive the next working day, funds received over the weekend should arrive the following Tuesday.
^Must have the latest Currensea iOS or Android app to receive notifications

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