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Multi-Currency Debit Card for Online Purchases

Pay in every currency without the fees.

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Making purchases online with a multi-currency card

As long as the online merchant accepts Mastercard payments, you can use your Currensea card to make your online payments internationally. The Currensea multi-currency card is your passport to international purchases. 

Best of all, you don’t need a physical card to make online purchases. As a result, we offer our business customers the option to choose a virtual card as well. Users can access their virtual card credentials on their online dashboard or via the mobile app. 

All online purchases are protected by Mastercards purchase protection, you can spend in confidence knowing your money is safe. 

Paying for Saas subscriptions with Currensea’s multi-currency debit card

Traditionally, when we think of importing, we think of physical goods imported from overseas such as; materials, food and beverages, or other physical imports. 

More and more businesses are using Saas (software as a service) technology across multiple business functions. Whether hosting your website online, storing client details on CRM software, managing expenses digitally, or working with an online graphic designer – you could be importing a multitude of products and services without even realising. 

Up to 80% of tech providers are based in the US and charge in US$. Whilst several providers offer you the option to pay in pounds, you could be hit by unfavourable exchange rates. These hidden fees can quickly add up when paying for multiple subscriptions. 

Currensea allows you to change the debit card number you pay with and save over 3% per transaction. 

How much will I save? 

The below example based on a UK SME that :

  •  - Pays $450 per month for their Amazon Web Services Subscription, totalling $5,400

  •  - Has an annual Salesforce Enterprise subscription for two employees, totalling $2,400

  •  - Pays $299 per month for MailChimp, totalling $3,588

  •  - Updated their website and paid the supplier $1,300

  •  - Paid $297 an annual subscription for Sketch for three team members

The total spent by this particular SME in one year is $12,985, their average saving vs their existing high-street bank debit card is £324.62.