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Currensea for business save 100% of FX fees

Introducing Currensea for business, the simplest, lowest-cost solution for secure international card payments which remove 100% of FX fees which are typically charged by your bank

Our world has changed a lot in the meantime, and we now bring the same benefits to businesses. Using the same founding principles, we have a fantastic product for businesses. We have a world travel debit card that allows you to make fee-free international payments when purchasing tech subscriptions online, paying overseas suppliers, or make purchases in any foreign currency.

Currensea helps business reduce FX fees

Currensea business travel money card works for:

  • UK registered limited companies with an active bank account
  • Freelancers, the self-employed and sole traders, even if they use a personal account to manage their expenses
  • Those that don’t yet have a business but want to use a card for personal overseas expenses

Currensea business travel money card has no hidden costs or charges

Ever experienced paying for something in foreign currency, only to discover hidden costs and charges after your payment was settled? Now you’ll pay exactly what you expect. Even better, Currensea's business travel money card now offers the best range of fee free interbank exchange rates (or real rate) currencies on the market.


Save on software, stock and supplies

You can use your Currensea business travel money card to pay for software, stock or supplies, and other foreign exchange expenses without the need to worry about foreign transactional fees. Examples of this might be Amazon Web Services, your Salesforce subscription, stock or goods from another country, or hotel and travel costs. You save 100% on bank charges by simply changing the card number you pay from.

Quick and easy application

You can request your Currensea business travel money card in just a few minutes. Even better, you’re not opening a new bank account, taking out credit, or having to worry about topping up a prepaid travel card. The beauty of Currensea is that it links to your existing bank account with our one of a kind Open Banking technology.

Your money is safe

We take security seriously. Currensea is authorised by the FCA, and  use the latest bank security encryption technology. You’re covered by Mastercard chargeback protection on all your purchases too.