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Travel Advice

Summer travel plans come back into focus

The Foreign Office recently updated its travel guidance, publishing a list of countries which will have a reciprocal arrangement with the UK and won’t require British visitors to quarantine on arrival, just in time for summer travel.

Many of us may decide to continue with our holiday plans, so the best advice at the moment is to know your rights and to do your best to stay safe.

While we start to look ahead to a better summer, you can protect yourself from any risks or losses if you know your rights with regards travel insurance, bookings and cancellations. You can find this article which we published earlier in the year on financial protection for travellers.

As things have moved on, there are important additional facts to keep in mind:

    • You are advised to consider travel insurance, to cover you for accidents, injury and lost luggage.
    • New travel insurance policies cover Covid-19 medical treatment that is contracted while in a resort if highlighted beforehand. However, those that need to cancel a holiday because they develop symptoms before travel are unlikely to be covered.
    • Package holiday providers are unlikely to give a refund if a customer needs to cancel due to Coronavirus. Re-bookings are possible, but not guaranteed. The added protection usually available via a debit or credit card is also unlikely to be successful in such cases.
    • Countries are lifting their lockdown in different ways – travellers should check if the country they are travelling to will impose restrictions on them. Besides, some say they may ramp up lockdown again if cases go up.
    • If you had a travel insurance policy or renewed it before March, you could claim for cancellation under some circumstances.
    • Check the small print in your insurance policy: Insurance companies no longer class coronavirus as an unforeseen event, so you may not be covered.
    • We think it is possible to enjoy a summer holiday this year if you follow some sensible precautions. As always, Currensea the UK's best rated travel debit card has your travel money requirements taken care of.