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Travel Money, Currensea

Your travel money is safe with Currensea

Summer destinations are starting to open up again. We want our users to feel safe in the knowledge that their Currensea travel debit card will be there for them when they need travel money.

There are a number of reasons you’re in safe hands with a Currensea travel debit card:

1. Your Currensea travel debit card is an extension of your high street bank account. We don’t actually hold your money. We simply provide you with a way to access your usual bank account when you’re abroad, but without the charges.

2. Currensea is regulated and governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), keeping you and your data secure. The technology we use has to be bank-level secure – so we’re as safe as all high street banks. 

3. Open Banking technology securely connects your Currensea travel debit card to your bank account. You can find our entry in the Open Banking directory here, among the most trusted high street banks. For more information, a Daily Mail article on the safety of Open Banking can be found here.

4. Currensea are a Mastercard Principal member. We have no reliance on intermediaries to issue our cards and no operational dependency on intermediaries based in other countries or subject to different regulations.


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