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BusinessCloud’s 100 FinTech Disrupter list – Currensea 3rd

Currensea ranks third on BusinessCloud’s 100 FinTech Disrupter list for 2020. 

We have since achieved outstanding quarter-on-quarter cardholder growth of over 230% and month-on-month transaction growth of 255%, onboarding 5,000 customers in Q1 alone. View our full BusinessCloud online profile here.

Built on Open Banking technology, Currensea is the world’s first Open Banking debit card, which means it is the only debit card that connects directly to your existing bank account.

With Currensea, you get access to:

  • - 0% FX charge, compared to the average 3.25% bank charge
  • - 24/7 interbank exchange rates
  • - Zero ATM withdrawal fee up to £500/month
  • - No hidden charges

Thanks to Currensea’s benefits, the average user will save over 85%, or £200 annually for a UK family, while the average business could save over £300 per $10,000 spent vs high street banks and online payment providers. Currensea also offers savings compared to the most popular challenger banks on the market, and all without the hassle of inconvenient top-ups and multiple bank accounts.

In the words of James Lynn, Currensea co-founder,

“We’re extremely proud of Currensea and the fantastic product we offer our customers. After only launching in January it’s great to be named alongside innovative companies like Starling Bank, Curve, Revolut, Snoop, FreeAgent, Currencycloud, and others. We’re extremely grateful to the judges and everyone who voted for us.”

This is the second year where BusinessCloud compiled the country’s top 100 players transforming banking, personal finance, payments, insurance, investments, charitable donations, accountancy, and compliance.