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Zero-fee FX currency business card

Currensea’s zero-fee FX Currency business card helps you make international purchases, whether that be in-person when abroad or online, in multiple currencies without the international transaction fees.

What is a zero-fee FX currency business card?

A zero-fee FX currency business card is the safest way to spend internationally in multiple currencies. 

Currensea offers the world’s first Open Banking zero fee FX currency business debit card that connects directly with your existing bank account so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple bank accounts or inconvenient tops-ups. 

Whenever you or your employees go abroad or make purchases online in foreign currencies, you can make purchases in confidence without worrying about hidden fees. 

With Currensea your money remains securely in your bank account until you decide to spend it. 

Our zero-fee FX currency business card: how does it work? 

If you are spending in a different currency with your existing business travel debit or travel credit card, you can be hit with hidden fees and poor exchange rates. By removing all the fees and offering the real interbank exchange rates and Mastercard exchange rates, you can spend in every currency just as you would in pound sterling. 

You save 100% on fees every time you spend with Currensea's FX currency card.

Register in 3 easy steps

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Register your FX Currency card in three ways steps

Currensea’s zero-fee FX business cards: how will you benefit?

1. Spend on overseas business trips

Whether you’re paying for travel, hotels, or restaurants you don’t have to worry about hidden transaction fees


2. Spend online in any currency

Make online purchases in any currency 


3. Stay in control of your spending

Our mobile app allows you to track spending and control your card. You can set limits, freeze and unfreeze your card and track your spending


4. No transaction fees

Benefit from the real exchange rate without any hidden fees 

5. No process changes

Automatic integration with all accounting platforms, managing expenditure is straightforward 


6. Budget in your local currency

Use the Currensea calculator to see how much international purchases will cost you in pounds, alongside the saving so you can keep track