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Travel Advice

Changing travel restrictions – stay safe and know your rights

We were optimistic a few weeks back when travel to Europe re-opened, to find restrictions re-imposed earlier last week.

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is warning against non-essential travel to all parts of Spain.
  • You don’t have to cut your holiday short if you’re already in Spain.

Once in Spain, or in any European country where restrictions come into force, follow the advice from local authorities on how to protect yourself and others. Don’t forget your mask in shops, shopping areas, and when entering restaurants.

Your rights

  • Already in Spain? You are unlikely to have rights to compensation if you want to come back to the UK early. The government is not advising holidaymakers to cut short their visit.
  • If your package holiday or flight is cancelled, you might be due a refund.
  • Direct hotel bookings are unlikely to be cancelled. If they are, there’s no specific regulation governing these, unlike package travel and flights, so you should contact your hotel.
  • Your holiday or flight has not been cancelled, but you want to cancel? You will have to look at the small print to find out what you may be entitled to.
  • If you have a future trip booked, you may be best waiting. If the airline or travel firm cancel then you have the best chance of getting a refund.
  • The Foreign Office now warns against travel to the whole of Spain, which would usually mean you can claim on your travel insurance for any existing travel bookings. However you should check with your insurer as much will depend on when you booked and what FCO advice was in place at the time of booking.

Once back in the UK

When returning to the UK, you need to self-isolate for the first 14 days or risk being fined.

It is unclear what rights workers have if they have to quarantine and they are not able to work. The government is urging employers to be flexible.

We’re here for you

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