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Travel Advice

Where can you actually go on holiday?


So, to increase your chances of a stress free holiday, we’ve pulled together a helpful view of where you can go and what the rules are, and if they change according to your vaccination status. 

Firstly, let’s start with locations that are still closed to Brits

Here is the list of countries that are currently not allowing Brits in, or when looking at a two week holiday the restrictions wouldn’t make it worth it, so at least in the short term, maybe remove them from your holiday list. 

The COVID situation is always changing, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the specific entry requirements (click on each country to view the gov guidelines). 


  • Australia - you can enter without quarantine but only for Australian citizens, permanent residents and immediate family of either.  
  • Benin - entry and exit limited to extreme necessity
  • Bhutan - closed to foreign nationals
  • Brunei - must obtain permission, quarantine is mandatory at a government designated facility
  • China - all direct flights from the UK are currently suspended
  • Eritrea - all land borders closed with limited air travel
  • Fiji - could open on December 1st, but currently not open to brits unless they have a permit
  • Hong Kong - 21 days of compulsory quarantine at designated hotel
  • Iran - entry only for Iranian passport or visa holders
  • Japan - closed to the UK
  • Kuwait - only foreigners with valid residency 
  • Laos -  must obtain a certificate of entry, granted under special circumstance
  • Madagascar - closed to the UK
  • Malaysia - entry from the UK prohibited
  • Mongolia - only open to Brits with long-stay visas
  • Morocco - all flights to and from the UK suspended for the foreseeable future 
  • Myanmar - tourist visas currently suspended 
  • Nauru - flights only once a fortnight from Brisbane 
  • New Zealand - closed to almost all arrivals 
  • Niger - self-isolation of up to 7 days 
  • Pitcairn Island - borders closed 
  • Singapore - complicated entry requirements 
  • Suriname - closed borders 
  • Taiwan - travel ban on foreign nationals
  • Tonga - borders closed to all foreign nationals
  • Turkmenistan -  all international flights to and from have been suspended
  • Vietnam - suspended visa waivers, issuing of visas and entry for all foreign nationals


Vaccinated? Here’s where you can visit without quarantining both ends

If you’re double jabbed you may already know that when you arrive back to the UK, you don’t have to worry about quarantining - simply take a lateral flow test on day 2. 

More good news, the list of destinations below is ever growing and they are ready to welcome you in without worrying about the hassle (and in some cases cost) of quarantine. 


Where can you go without quarantining if you’re unvaccinated 

If you are unvaccinated be sure to check local guidelines before travelling as a number of destinations will enforce a quarantine of up to 14 days. The list of countries below are allowing unvaccinated travellers in with just a negative COVID test, although you may have to quarantine on arrival for a few days at your hotel or where you are staying. 

On arrival back to the UK, you must also take a test 72 hours before arriving home, quarantine for 10 days at home, and take a COVID test on day 2 and 8. 

The only country unvaccinated Brits can travel back to without worrying about quarantine is Ireland. 


Whether you’re vaccinated or not here are a few destinations that are open but still require quarantine

While you may be exempt upon arrival to England because of your vaccination status, there are some destinations that will force you to self-isolate upon arrival. Self-isolation can vary from a few hours while waiting for a negative test result to a few days. Below we state how long you can expect to be in self-isolation for. 

  • Anguilla - you must be vaccinated, unless exempt, and you will receive a test on arrival for US$50 per person. You must then self-isolate until notified that you have tested negative (usually within 24 hours)
  • Bangladesh - quarantine has been removed for  the fully vaccinated but if you haven’t received a vaccination you’ll be required to quarantine for 14 days
  • Barbados - fully vaccinated arrivals may be required to  self-isolate within their hotel compound and non-vaccinated travellers are quarantined in an approved facility for up to 7 days
  • Bolivia - only unvaccinated passengers are expected to self-isolate for 10 days
  • Bermuda - vaccinated travellers must self-isolate until they receive the result of their arrival test, unvaccinated travellers will have to quarantine for 14 days, the first 7 in an approved hotel facility
  • Grenada - vaccinated travellers must quarantine for up to 48 hours and unvaccinated travellers are required to quarantine for up to 7 days
  • Israel - all passengers must enter a quarantine for 14 days
  • St Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha - compulsory 10 days quarantine with a test at both the beginning and end


With all that said and done…

Travel is opening up, and there are far more testing providers on the market to help minimise the extra costs associated with travel. If you are planning to go further afield then it is recommended that you consider COVID insurance, to make sure you are covered against all eventualities. 

It’s worth being extra cautious if you are unvaccinated, make sure you research your holiday destination’s entry requirements so that you aren’t hit by an unexpected 14 day quarantine. On arrival to the UK, regardless of the destination, all unvaccinated travellers have to quarantine for 10 days and take a COVID test on day 2 and 8. 

For vaccinated travellers there are far more options and you no longer have to worry about the endless testing regime when you get home, it’s simply one lateral flow test on arrival in England. It’s still worth keeping an eye on where you are travelling to, to make sure that British travellers are still allowed entry.