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Is Tenerife Expensive?

Tenerife has something for every traveller and budget. However, the answer is - it depends.

This is because we all have different financial situations. You may need to manage our money with incredible precision. Especially with the cost of everything becoming higher than Mount Everest.

A few fortunate people can travel at any time without thinking once, let alone twice, about the cost.

So, what we can give you is the information to enjoy your holiday whenever your travel style in Tenerife.

After reading this, you'll be able to decide if one of the jewel's of Spain's Canary Islands is an affordable destination for you.

Tenerife prices

In this section we’ll break down the common costs you might have if you visit Tenerife.

It's worth pointing out, Tenerife's currency is the Euro (EUR), but we will be working in Pounds Sterling (GBP) here.

Flights to Tenerife

The average price of a flight from the UK ranges between roughly £67 - £300 return in Economy class. This variation depends on:

  • Where you book

  • When you fly

  • Where you fly from.


Image of considerations for flight prices

Despite being a small island, Tenerife has two airports, Tenerife South Airport and Tenerife North Airport.

Tenerife's South Airport, known as the Reina Sofía Airport, is the Island's most modern international airport and one of the busiest in Spain.

Also, travelling in peak season (June, July and August) is going to set you back more. So, look for the good deals.

Accommodation in Tenerife 

Tenerife has options for any accommodation budget.

Comparison of Tenerife hotel budgets

Budget option - hostels, one or two star hotels: €300-€500 / £255-£425 per week

Mid-range option - 2 or 3 star hotels/ your average Airbnb: €500-€800 / £425-£680 per week

Luxury option - 4 or 5 star hotels/ luxury villas : €800+ / £680+ per week


Food and dining out in Tenerife

The cost of food is reasonable. There are a great range of restaurants, however fine dining isn't really common here.

Daily meals for one person: €20-€40 / £17-£34

Dining out at mid-range restaurants: €15-€30 / £13-£25 per person per meal


Transportation in Tenerife

As it's an island, everyone gets around by road. But there are three main ways of doing so.

Buses and taxis: €10-€30 / £8-£25 per person per week

Car hire (per day): €20-€50 / £17-£42


Activities and entertainment in Tenerife

There is a lot to do! From water sports at amazing beaches in the south to a cable car trip up Mount Teide in the north.

Excursions, tours, and activities: €20-€50 / £17-£42 per person per activity

Entrance fees to attractions: €5-€15 / £4-£13 per person per attraction



Shopping, souvenirs, and miscellaneous expenses: €30-€50 / £25-£42 (depending on how much of a shopaholic you are!).

Roughly, altogether a week in Tenerife will set you back about £339 €395pp - £1,482/€1727pp depending on your budget. 

2 shopping bag group-of-beautiful-people-in-shopping-activity-loo-2023-11-27-05-13-53-utc-1


Where does Tenerife rank on costs? 

We’ve reviewed a few rankings from different sources to get an idea of where Tenerife sits on the pricing scale. 

The Telegraph’s list of the 26 best value holiday destinations - Tenerife doesn’t make the list. 

Tenerife doesn’t make either the top 10 most expensive or the top 10 most affordable on the Traveller’s Elixir list

It’s also absent from the Rough Guide’s 20 cheapest places to travel. 

Based on this information, and our research as a whole, Tenerife is cheap compared to Monaco for example. However, compared to other destinations in South East Asia, it's a bit more expensive.

Neither is it a place where your spare change will allow you to experience what it’s like to be a millionaire for a week. It lands somewhere in the middle. Not particularly expensive but simultaneously not unbelievably cheap. 

Of course this is only in relation to other destinations. As well as personal preference and style. As we mentioned at the start, everyone’s idea of expensive or cheap is different. 

Your money can go further in places further afield such as Vietnam or Thailand. But the flights are likely to be more expensive to these destinations - as well as longer. 

Whereas you could be in Tenerife in under 4 and a half hours from the UK.


How to save money in Tenerife


When looking for something to eat, on a budget in Tenerife, try to stay away from the seafront. This is where a lot of tourist traps tend to be. The restaurants there tend to be more expensive.

For example, when you visit Los Cristianos, wander away from the promenade and you'll find the restaurant El Cine/The Cinema. You'll find fresh, seafood for only €15 per person. Bargain!


Tenerife has a great bus service and is the cheapest way to get around. You can get to all the popular areas such as:

  • Santa cruz de Tenerife

  • Puerto de la cruz

  • Los Cristianos

  • Playa de las Americas

If you prefer taxis, but want to reduce the taxi prices, share the fare with other people who are going to the same destination.

2 Beach drinks young-couple-using-credit-card-for-payment-at-beac-2024-04-09-19-43-26-utc-1


Buy your tickets online in advance to save money on attractions. Entry to several of Tenerife’s museums is free on Sundays, or during set hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Tenerife is a tax-free island. So you can get a discount on perfume and alcohol before you get to the airport.

If you want to save money on package holidays, visit Tenerife between March and May and September and November.

Save money whilst spending money

Spending money abroad can be expensive, if you have the wrong card -  no matter how affordable the country is. 

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