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Travel Debit Card for Business

Currensea is the zero-fee travel debit card that partners with your bank to provide you with the real exchange rate. 

Currensea was developed to partner with your existing business bank account, eliminating all bank charges and poor exchange rates whilst bypassing the need to open up and manage challenger bank accounts and prepaid cards.

Currensea has now been used in over 120 countries and is trusted by thousands. 

The travel debit card that works with your bank 

Lose the fees on international card payments, without changing existing processes


Spend from your existing bank account with a different debit card, resulting in no process changes and automatic integration with accounting software.


Eliminate all FX charges for card spend. We show live rates so you know you’re getting the best rate possible. See how we compare to other providers, so you can see how much you’re saving with Currensea. 


Your money stays securely in your high-street bank account until you use it. Read more about how we protect your money for a risk-free spending experience. 

No Process changes 

Through Open Banking, the Currensea debit card links directly to your business bank account, so transactions integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting platforms. Managing your overseas business expenses has never been so simple and cost-effective.