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Travel money and trees. We help you offset carbon

Many people are concerned about the environmental impact and how to offset carbon emissions as they travel. As a company, Currensea the UK's best rated travel debit card, is laser-focused on spending abroad, this is a subject close to our hearts.

Combat climate change and offset carbon emissions

Planting trees remains one of the best ways to reduce global carbon emissions. The average mature tree is capable of sequestering 48 lbs of carbon each year and 2200 lbs  (1 tonne) of carbon over its lifetime. 

To make the benefits tangible – one flight from London to Paris (214 miles) will cause 220 lbs of carbon emissions. So over its lifetime, one tree would offset carbon emissions of ten of these flights.

If, however, you take a flight from London to New York (5000 miles), the plane will produce 3680 lbs of carbon emissions and you will need 2 trees planted to offset this over the course of their lifetimes.

A train journey from London to Amsterdam (260 miles) will produce 78 lbs of emissions. This will be offset by one mature tree in just 2 years.

You can see how different travel options can help you to offset your carbon emissions and how it looks like in terms of tree numbers. One Tree Planted reforestation projects are planting trees that will clean the air we breathe for years to come.

Currensea is helping protect threatened and endangered biodiversity 

Projects which rebuild forests after deforestation don’t just benefit nature and the climate. They directly impact the people living in the affected areas. Planting plays an important role in protecting the homes and food sources of wildlife – for example, Orangutans in Indonesia and the Tasmanian Devil in Australia.

Get started on planting some trees whenever you save money using your Currensea travel debit card

With Currensea you can save 85%, compared to high street banks.

Your savings on bank charges are detailed in your Currensea dashboard. Using a slider in your dashboard, you can now choose a percentage of savings to donate for reforestation, which you can amend at any time. For every 75p contributed, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf. 

Get started on planting some trees with Currensea the UK's best rated travel debit card

So let’s say you specify that you’d like to give a third of your savings to plant trees. Then you spend $100 on a family lunch in New York, which could save you up to £2.25 compared to other currency options. A third of this is 75p – exactly enough for us to plant one tree on your behalf. And you still save money.

Two trees on us!

If you’re not a Currensea cardholder yet, this might be a good reason to get your travel debit card: we’ll be planting 2 trees for every new customer until the end of February. All you need to do is follow this link or just use the code CurrenTree when you sign up.

Refer a friend and start planting trees right away

If you’re a happy owner of a Currensea travel debit card, we’re sure you’d like to give your friends and family the chance to save money on currency and plant trees too. Now you can set this up directly from your dashboard in a few easy steps using your own personal referral code. For every friend signing up and spending with Currensea, we’ll plant 6 trees – 3 trees on your behalf, and 3 on their behalf.

See the trees and the forest whilst saving money

You’ll be able to keep track of all the trees planted on your behalf and see your forest grow in your personalised Currensea dashboard.  

Now you have convenient, simple, cost-saving travel money product at your fingertips – plus the option to offset the environmental impact of your travels.