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Currensea’s money transfer removes bank fees and charges a flat fee of only 0.5% to all cardholders when transferring to EUR, USD, PLN and HUF bank accounts

Best money transfer app - Currensea
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Best money transfer app - Currensea
Currensea travel debit cards

0.5% flat fee on all money transfers!

With the same interbank exchange rate as your Currensea travel debit card and a small flat fee of 0.5%, sending money overseas is now even simpler and more transparent than ever before. Send between £100 and £20,000 per transfer from your UK bank to a EUR, PLN, HUF or USD account.

If you already have a Currensea travel debit card, you can log into your account via the app and use our money transfer calculator before completing a transfer. Alternatively, click the button below.

Money transfer comparison

Here’s how Currensea compares against typical high street banks and other leading providers for a £5,000 transfer into Euros.

Transfer pounds to euros

*Prices shown above reflect our Premium and Elite Plans and are correct as of 24.03.22

Money transfer FAQs

Which currencies are available for money transfer?

At the moment Currensea users can send funds from their UK bank account to either a EUR, USD, PLN or HUF account. These are the only currencies currently supported by Currensea money transfer, but more currencies will be added in the future.
What are the fees associated with money transfer?

The same interbank exchange rate as your Currensea card and a small flat fee of 0.5%

Why can’t I send money to my UK account from abroad?

As Currensea works through open banking technology, our accounts only partner with UK based bank accounts. This means that you are able to send funds to overseas USD, EUR, PLN and HUF accounts but can’t yet send money from abroad to your UK bank account.
How do I add a new recipient to transfer money too?

It’s really easy to add a new recipient that you would like to transfer money to. Simply follow the steps on your Currensea dashboard and you will be given the option to either choose an existing recipient or add a new recipient. If you select ‘add a recipient’ you will be given a list of required details, be sure to fill out the correct information to avoid issues with lost funds.

What is an IBAN?

IBAN is short for International Bank Account Number. This is a long account number used by banks for cross-border transfers. Each country structures this number differently, but it always starts with a 2 digit country code (e.g. DE for Germany).

Every bank account has a unique IBAN code, and this is required when sending funds internationally. IBANS are issued by many banks in Europe and other banks internationally are starting to recognise them as well.

When setting up a new recipient you will need the IBAN of the account you wish to send funds to. The IBAN can be found by logging into your online banking or by checking bank statements.

If you are sending funds to the US you will be required to enter the Account Number and Bank Routing Number instead of an IBAN. A Bank Routing number is a 9-digit code assigned to each financial in the United States. When you enter this alongside a payee’s account number it will help identify the exact bank account for your money transfer, similar to a sort code in the UK.
How long will my transfer take to reach the recipient's bank account?

Funds received before 9pm UK time weekdays should reach the recipient’s bank account the following business day. Funds received over a weekend should reach the recipients bank account the following Tuesday.

How to use Currensea's Money Transfer

Login to your Currensea account
Go to your Currensea dashboard and click on ‘More’ then select ‘Money Transfer’.
How much do you want to send?
Enter in GBP how much you want to send in either EUR, USD, PLN or HUF and we will tell you exactly how much the recipient will receive and how much it will cost you.
Choose which account to transfer funds from
Funds will be sent from the bank account you have linked to Currensea, if you have linked more than one account you can choose which to send funds from.
Let us know who you want to transfer money to
Add a new EUR, USD, PLN or HUF recipient by following the steps or choose someone from your existing recipient list.
We send the funds
Funds received before 9pm on weekdays will arrive the next working day, funds received over the weekend should arrive the following Tuesday.
^Must have the latest Currensea iOS or Android app to receive notifications

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